Crèche Toothbrushing Program; Dental Awareness and Perception of Parents and Teachers

Author(s): Telma Rose, Leperre S

School toothbrushing programs are implemented throughout the world as a means of providing supplementary fluoride to the developing teeth of young children, as prevention against dental caries. Throughout the literature, parental and teacher involvement has been highlighted to be pivotal to the success of school toothbrushing program.

Objectives: the aim of this research is to ascertain parental and teacher awareness and perception of the crèche toothbrushing activity in Seychelles.

Methods: Questionnaire survey of parents and teachers of crèche year two children of the three state schools enrolled in the crèche toothbrushing pilot activity.

Results: 70.2% of parents and 71.4% of teaching staffs of crèche year two children of the three schools completed the respective questionnaire. 72.73% parents stated that their five year old children brush their teeth twice per day but the majority (42.42%) responded that these children brush their teeth by themselves with parental supervision. All parents and teachers participants were aware of the benefits of crèche toothbrushing program and were unanimous that the program should continue, despite differing level of participation by teachers.

Conclusion: Enhanced awareness and motivation for toothbrushing as well as children emerging as positive change agent in the family’s oral hygiene routine emerged as reported positive impacts of the crèche toothbrushing. Co-ordinated effort by all stakeholders is required to address highlighted areas of improvement.

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