COVID-19 in Elderly Patients with Acute Kidney Injury

Author(s): Yavuz AYAR, Olgun DENIZ, Bar?s DONER, Isa KILIC, Canan DEMIR, Abdulkadir SAHIN

Objective: Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid 19) started in China in December 2019 and spread all over the world, is more progressive in patients who are elderly and with chronic diseases. Especially kidney involvement affects the survival of patients. In this study, we analyzed Covid 19 patients who developed acute kidney injury treated in our unit, retrospectively.

Materials: The clinical and laboratory data of 610 patients who hospitalized due to Covid 19 pandemic between 01.06.2020 and 30.06.2021 in the intensive care and other clinics of our hospital evaluated from the records, retrospectively. One hundred-fourty patients diagnosed with AKI according to the criteria of KDIGO (Kidney Disease Global Outcomes). The patients divided into two groups as KDIGO stage 1 and 2, 3.

Results: The median age in both groups was 70 (35-92) and 73 (35-90) years. Approximately seventy percent of them were over 65 years old. Almost all of the patients had hypertension. Most of the patients were using angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE inh) or angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB) (84%). AKI was present at the time of admission (61.9%) in the KDIGO 1 group and at the time of hospitalization (64.3%) in the KDIGO 2, 3 group. The mortality rate was higher in stage 2-3 AKI patients (35.7%). Ferritin and fibrinogen levels were high in the KDIGO 2, 3 group, while lymphocyte levels were low.

Conclusion: AKI can be seen at the time of admission and during treatment in patients who are hospitalized and treated due to Covid 19. Covid 19 is more mortal in patients with advanced AKI.

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