Correlation Analysis of Neutrophil/Albumin Ratio and Leukocyte Count/ Albumin Ratio with Ischemic Stroke Severity

Author(s): Sanying Mao, Yuanhong Hu, Xingwu Zheng, Chengmin Yang, Meiling Yang, Xianghong Li, Jingwei Shang and Koji Abe

Ischemic stroke (IS) is a common neurological disease in the elderly, but the relationship between neutrophil/albumin ratio (NAR) and leukocyte count/albumin ratio (LAR) and the severity of neurological function injury and early neurological deterioration (END) occurrence remain elusive in acute IS. A total of 299 patients with acute IS and 56 healthy controls were enrolled. According to the NIHSS score at admission, the disease group was divided into three groups (mild, moderate and severe IS), and the differences in five indexes NAR, LAR, neutrophil count, leukocyte count and albumin among the four groups were analyzed. Furthermore, explore the correlation between the above indicators and the severity of IS and END occurrence. The results showed that higher NAR, LAR, neutrophil count, leukocyte count levels and lower albumin levels were associated with acute IS, and the levels of NAR and LAR increased gradually in three groups of IS. NAR and LAR were positively and albumin was negatively correlated with the severity of IS. Meanwhile, NAR and LAR showed a good predictive value in identifying patients with END after acute IS. NAR and LAR may be predictors of the severity of IS and END occurrence after acute IS.

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