Conjugation to a Carrier Renders a Self Molecule Immunogenic besides Imparting Immuno-Prophylactic Benefit

Author(s): G P Talwar, Jagdish C Gupta, S K Gupta, S N Wadhwa, J Frick, Kripa N Nand, Rajesh K Naz

Conjugation of hCGβ subunit with tetanus toxoid generates simultaneously independent set of antibodies against both hCG and tetanus. The former are competent to neutralise the bioactivity of hCG, and the latter impart immunoprophylactic benefit against tetanus.

Similarly the decapeptide hormone LHRH which is common to both males and females can be rendered immunogenic by linking it to a carrier. It is conserved across species and is common to humans, rodents and dogs. Given to male rats, it causes a drastic reduction of testosterone and atrophy of testes and ventral prostate. Monoclonal antibody against LHRH can be employed to suppress the seasonal estrus in dogs With due approval of the Regulatory Authorities and Ethics Committees, the LHRH-DT (diphtheria toxoid) vaccine has undergone clinical trial in 28 patients of Carcinoma of Prostate in India and Austria. The vaccine was effective in reduction of testosterone and PSA (prostate specific antigen). It reduced the cancerous tissues and benefited the patients clinically. Keywords:

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