Compressibility Studies of Olive Oil

Author(s): Pawlicki LT, Siegoczynski RM, Ptasznik S, Marszalek K

The main purpose of the work was thermodynamic research on olive oil with the use of the mechanical method chosen. The paper contains volume and compressibility data measurement on olive oil as a function of pressure and time. Pressure was applied up to 450 MPa with two mean velocities. Conversion from liquid to solid form has been observed. The compressibility changes were observed during first order phase transitions and compared with the changes of the thermodynamic quantities in the same time. Compressibility has been recognized as a very sensitive factor of a long-time phase transition. The compressibility values and their dependence on pressure and time were compared with interactions between substance molecules and their arrangement in liquid and crystal forms. Dependence of olive oil properties on pressure and phase transitions is very important for olive oil production and conservation industry because of possibility of installation blocking by oil above phase transition (in solid form).

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