Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Analog Insulins Vs Human Insulins-Basal Bolus Regimen and Premix Twice Daily Regimen in Indian Hyperglycemia in Pregnancy

Author(s): Anand Shankar

Type 2 diabetes during the course of pregnancy is linked with an unfavourable outcome of maternal foetal. Human insulin is considered as the first choice of drug due to the province safety of use full stop however they are many questions regarding the use of insulin analogues during the time of pregnancy full stop the main objective of the study is to compare the safety and efficacy of human insulin and analogue insulin by understanding the premix daily regimen in hyperglycaemia during pregnancy. All the articles have been classified with an intermediate too high or moderate risk of biasness by showing the favourable results for using the insulin analogue and human insulin as an age of gestation. Therefore, the result evidence that "moderate to high risk of biasness does not allow the conclusion” that the insulin analogue is considered to be more effective while comparing it with the “human insulin for the treatment of pregnant women” suffering from “type 2 diabetes”.

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