Comparative study of variants of Koura-Koura Production Technology in Burkina Faso

Author(s): Yamkaye Aïcha Sawadogo, Adama Sawadogo, Lydie Moreau, Blaise Waongo, Aly Savadogo

Context: The koura-koura production technology is know-how transmitted from generation to generation and goes through several stages.

Methods: Investigations with 15 female producers have allowed the implementation of variants of the production technology.

Results: The investigations showed that there are three variants of seed preparation, two variants of depellicating, and three variants of de-oiling and shaping. The selection of the best variants allowed the implementation of less time-consuming production technology with little contamination.

Conclusion: The variants of the koura-koura production technology allow several production diagrams with variations in the finished product.

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