Comparative Study of CT Severity Index and Outcome in Hospitalised Vaccinated and Non Vaccinated Patients of Covid 19 Pneumonia

Author(s): Sonali D Modi, Dharita S Shah, Krati S Mundhra, Bhargav Gandhi, Rahul Shah, Vikas Kagathara, Madhav Kiritbhai Dharaiya, Dhruv Modi

SARS-CoV-2 virus typically causes lung infiltration causing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and in later stages pulmonary fibrosis. Vaccines provide immunity against desired pathogen. Vaccines available in India against this virus are Covishield and Covaxin (majority of the patients are vaccinated with Covishield). COVID-19 causes lung parenchymal infiltration which leads to pneumonitis. The best modality available to study this is the HRCT. Analysis of the extent of lung parenchyma invasion of patients despite taking one or both the doses was done by us. For which , we did a single centered retrospective observational study in laboratory confirmed COVID-19 positive patients with sample size (n=274) being duration dependent (2 months). We found a statistically significant correlation between vaccination status and lung involvement based on HRCT Thorax. In conclusion the presence of vaccination reduces the severity of the CT severity score and improves the outcome in terms of survival of the patient.

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