Comparative Study of CT Chest Imaging Spectrum and CT- Severity Scores of Covid-19 Pneumonia Among Patients With and Without Comorbidities

Author(s): Kavya N, Sharanayya, M. Bharathi

Aim: The present study aimed at comparing the severity of COVID-19 infection on high- resolution chest computed tomography (CT) and spectrum of disease between patients with and without comorbidities.

Methods: It is a Retrospective study comprising 110 RT-PCR Covid positive patients who underwent HRCT chest on-day 3-5 of admission. Among 110 patients 55 patients with various comorbidites were taken as Group A. 55 patients without comorbidities were taken as Group B. Both groups were in the similar range of age-group. The subjects were categorized into mild, moderate & severe based on the CT-severity score. Distribution, extent & type of abnormal lung findings were recorded.

Results: Among 110 subjects, 4 patients in Group A & 9 patients in Group B did not show any lung abnormalities. Extensive & multiple patches of GGO’s, Multiple patches of consolidation were more in Group A than Group B. Whereas scattered and few patches of GGO’s were present more in Group B. Fibrotic changes like carzy- paving & subpleural bands, vascular dilatation, bronchiectasis were more among Group A than Group B. In both Group A & Group B patients extensive GGO’s, multiple patches of consolidation were present in severe patients. Mild to moderate type patients showed scattered patches of GGO’s, few patchy consolidations. Fibrotic changes were more among severe patients.

Conclusion: High CT severity was noted among patients with comorbidities. CT chest findings show that there is extensive involvement of lungs among patients with comorbidities in comparison to patients without comorbidities.

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