Comparative Analysis of Quantitative Real-time PCR and Agglutination Detection in Candida Species Isolated from Clinical Urine Specimens of Old Patients

Author(s): Yishu Tang, Yang Yang, Ru Wu, Miao Gao, Fang Cui

Objective: The study aimed to aim to detect the type of Candida species isolated from the urine samples of older patients. Methods: We collected the urine samples of 102 older patients. We divided the patients into 2 groups (the control group and the experimental group) randomly. The control group used the agglutination detection. The experiment group used the Quantitative Real-time PCR detection. We detected and analysis the data in the groups. Results: The positive ratio of the experimental group was 80.39 % (41/51), on the other side, the positive ratio of the Experiment group was 68.62%(35/51). The positive ratio of the experimental group was higher than the control group (P<0.05). The detect ratio of Candida albicans of the experimental group and control group was 53.5% and 51.4%. Conclusion: Our finding demonstrated that the Quantitative Real-time PCR detection method was more effective than the agglutination detection in the urine sample of older patients.

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