Clinical Study on Fasciitis Treatment of Cervical Muscles with Tractoration According to Muscles

Author(s): Ju Hye-Suk, Jong Hyok, Choe Hyok

Instead of classical treatments like diagnosing the injury of cervical muscles as cervical spondylosis or torticollis generally and applying massage, we found out from which muscle injured the pain and dysfunction came and according to that, this study was done to increase the effectiveness of therapy combining newly tractoration of individual muscles with the classical therapy. The aim of the study is to determine the effectiveness of the new manual therapy based on tractoration of individual muscles, according to them after finding out the injured muscle scientifically in fasciitis of cervical muscles. 70 patients (54 men and 16 women aged from 12 to 55) with the diagnosis of cervical fasciitis hospitalizing in Manual Therapy Department, Pyongyang Traditional Hospital and Nampho. Traditional Hospital participated in this study.

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