Clinical Review on the Obstinate Childhood Nocturnal Enuresis Treated with Manual Cure

Author(s): Chun-Il Jang, Un-Ju Chon, Chol-Song Ri

Childhood nocturnal enuresis is concerned to be related mainly to the dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system with parasympathetic nerve accentuation, feeble-mindedness, the organic disorder of the central nervous system, the organic abnormality of the urethra, diabetes, diabetes insipidus, parasites, tonsillar hypertrophy, dysmature, dyscontrol of urination and the decrease of ADH secretion. We gave a new outlook that childhood nocturnal enuresis may as well be developed when some functions concerned with voluntary constriction of the external urethral sphincter, constriction and relaxation of cystic smooth muscles are out of control of pelvic and public nerve from S2-4 nerves along sacral segment by subluxation of sacroiliac joint resulting in the depression or dysfunction of sacral segment. In below-mentioned cases who suffered from the obstinate childhood nocturnal enuresis that did not respond at all to modern and Koryo medicines, acupuncture, moxibustion, etc., we introduced the remedy of sacroiliac joint subluxation correction and they were all recovered. This is a new suggestion that childhood nocturnal enuresis might he cause by subluxation of sacroiliac joint and it can be cured with correction remedy.

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