Chilblain-Like Lesions in COVID-19: A Detailed Review

Author(s): Muhammad Arslan Aslam, Asma Nasir, Ekpo Chidera Philippa, Antonia Lisseth Valle Villatoro, Unaiza Ali, Nduka Tagbo Charles, Ghulam Muhammad Humayun, Belonwu Valentine Okafor, Oluwasegun Shoewu, Sak

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was declared a pandemic in early 2020. Since then, it has continued to spread havoc in the lives of millions of people. The Covid-19 infection can have a spectrum of symptoms, ranging from asymptomatic infection to a fatal multi-organ failure. A number of unusual manifestations have also been reported. Among them are pernio-like lesions, also referred to as Chilblain-like lesions. Previously, these skin lesions were associated with damp conditions and autoimmune diseases. But, their presentation in this pandemic has confused the clinicians. It is very important to understand the clinical picture, pathophysiology, histology, and treatment of these lesions, especially in the COVID era. Hence, in this review, we have made an effort to understand these lesions further. The main aim of our article is to provide physicians with a detailed analysis of chilblains like lesions so that this can help them with diagnosis and treatment.

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