Caudal Septal Deviation: Pertinent Literature Review

Author(s): Waleed M Alshehri, Ibrahim H AlAwadh, Mohammed A Jomah, Badi F Aldosari

Caudal end septal deviation is a common deformity; it results in functional and aesthetic problems. There are several techniques for the correction of the caudal deviations. Here we highlight caudal septal deviation and its management. The participated authors searched for articles related to the current subject and included 10 articles to write this article. The information was organized under main titles. After the discussion of the subject, we could conclude that the caudal septal deviation causes problems in the function of the individual, such as obstruction of the nasal airway. It also causes ethical problems that may affect the patient satisfaction. The gold standard management for the correction of the caudal septal deviation is septoplasty. There are several techniques involved in the management process. The use of a certain technique depends on the severity of the condition.

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