Can Hormonal Contraceptive Therapy be a useful treatment in Fibromyalgia? A Case Report

Author(s): Alessia Musto, Marta Camici

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a common cause of central chronic widespread musculoskeletal pain, often accompanied by fatigue, cognitive disturbance, psychiatric symptoms, and multiple somatic symptoms. Its pathogenesis is still unknown and the treatment unsatisfactory. We reported a case of a young adult female affected by deep endometriosis, who developed FM symptoms soon after the interruption of the continuous contraceptive treatment and that recovered after that contraceptive treatment was restarted. To date, a relation between FM and female hormonal cycle has been demonstrated by few studies and evidences are inconclusive. This case report highlights the need of further investigation into the pathogenetic pathway of FM and the possible role of contraceptive treatment in improving patients’ quality of life.

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