Biomechanical Analysis of Left Ventricle Considering Myocardial Infarction and Regenerative Therapy Using Dynamic Finite Element Method

Author(s): Shahrul Hisyam Marwan, Mitsugu Todo

It is well known that myocardial infarction (MI) greatly degrades the pulsation function of the heart. Such MI may gradually grow in size and harden as ischemic necrosis proceeds, resulting in further degradation of its pulsation behavior. However, regenerative therapy has successfully been used in the medical treatment of MI, specifically the use of cell sheet technology. In this procedure, thin sheets of biomechanical effects of regenerative therapy on the LV with MI. A simple 3D finite element model of a LV was developed and dynamic FEA with a cardiac mechanics theory was conducted to simulate the time-dependent cyclic deformation behavior. It was found that increasing size and stiffness of the MI dramatically reduced both the maximum displacement of beating mechanical behavior. It was also determined that the cardiac cell sheet regenerative therapy can effectively restore the pulsation function.

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