Biomechanical Analysis of Jaw Bone with Cyst Using CT-Image Based Finite Element Method

Author(s): Takaaki Arahira, Mitsugu Todo

A three-dimensional jaw bone model consisting of maxilla and mandible was constructed using CT- images. The distribution of Young’s modulus was also estimated from the bone density distribution. The developed model was then applied to analyze the effect of a spherical cyst located in the mandible on the mechanical condition in the jaw bone using the finite element method. An occlusion condition was used as the boundary condition by employing muscle forces. It was found that the strain energy density was concentrated in the several regions in the vicinity of the cyst, and the regions were generated by both tensile and compressive stress concentrations. It is thus concluded that this kind of 3-D modeling could clinically be used for predicting the risk of fracture of jaw bones.

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