Benefits of Utilization of Magnification in Dentistry: A Review

Author(s): Nalini Doppalapudi, Ravindra Kumar Burugapalli

The advent of micro dental treatments has made necessary that dentists improve the visual acuity of the operating field to diagnose early and to treat those areas with greater accuracy. The use of magnification devices in dentistry enhances visualization and improves ergonomics. Various alternatives in the use of magnification exist for all clinicians from introductory magnification systems, like single lens loupes, to high powered dental operating microscopes. A tremendous opportunity exists for all the clinicians to drastically improve their vision by use of magnification and illumination. This changing narrative of practicing dentistry made the authors search for literature on magnification in dentistry. An extensive literature search was performed in the Medline database to understand the nature of magnification devices used in dentistry. This narrative review depicts the present state of magnification devices used in dentistry, their specific applications within different areas of dentistry. The paper also discusses the factors that influence their usage, advantages, and shortcomings, as well as the significances of magnification in various fields of dentistry. This review encourages members of the dental community to implement magnification in their practice for the best outcomes.

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