Association between MATN-3 Gene Polymorphism and Primary Knee Osteoarthritis in Indian Population: A Community-Based Case-Control Study

Author(s): Vikas Trivedi, Ruchit Shah, Shakeel Qidwai, Mishra AN, Tasleem Raza, Sudhir Shyaam Kushwaha, Vipin Gupta, Afroz Khan, Nandan Mishra, Sharib Shamin, Abhishek Pandey, Robin Singh, Danish Khan, Priyan

Background and objectives: In the occurrence and development of primary knee osteoarthritis, the potential role of genetic factor has become an attraction for researches. Matrilin-3 (MATN-3), the newest identified gene in the pathomechanism of primary knee osteoarthritis, is a non-collagenous oligomeric extracellular matrix protein (ECM) and the smallest member of the matrilin family. This present study highlights the possible association of MATN-3 rs8176070 (SNP6) polymorphism with primary knee OA in the Indian population.

Material and Methods: In total, 50 patients with primary knee OA, aged between 40-75 years, enrolled in the case-control study conducted in North India. The other 50 demographically matched healthy individuals were considered as control groups. Determination of genotypes of MATN-3 SNP6 in cases as well as in controls was performed using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP). Demographic details, medical history and other relevant information were obtained. The diagnosis was made by clinical examination and radiological grading using the Kellgren-Lawrence grade scale (KL).

Results: With regard to genotypes of MATN-3 gene SNP6 (rs8176070), 22 (78.57) patient with the B\b genotype had severe KL grades, yet no significant association compared with those B\B and b\b genotypes (p=0.485). Additionally, patients with b allele frequency had a severe KL grade, although no significant (p=0.180) association was found.

Conclusion: The verdicts obtained from the present study proposed that MATN-3 gene polymorphism was not associated with primary knee osteoarthritis in the Indian population.

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