Assessment of Smile in Post-Orthodontic Patients using Smilecurve Templates- A Retrospective study

Author(s): Chhavi Grover, Divya Shetty, Bhupender Singh, Payal Sharma

Aim: The aim of this article was to assess changes in smile aesthetics using SmileCurve Templates in patients treated with fixed mechanotherapy.

Materials and Methods: Pre-treatment and Post Debonding photographs of 30 patients were taken and SmileCurve Template (SCT) was superimposed on the Front Occlusal photographs of the patient to check for correction in the Smile aesthetics from Pre-treatment to Post-treatment. The six criteria in the Diagram of Dental Aesthetic Reference (DDAR) that included Symmetry, Tooth axes, Gingival contour, Interproximal contacts, Incisal edges, Dental proportions were evaluated. Among the parameters of horizontal lines only two criteria that is the Cervical line and Papillary line were evaluated. The pre and post treatment frontal occlusal photographs were evaluated for the above mentioned 6 DDAR criteria and 2 horizontal lines.

Results: The post-treatment smile showed a statistically significant improvement as compared to the pre- treatment smile.

Conclusion: There was improvement in the various parameters influencing smile aesthetics. The SmileCurve template is a useful tool that can help clinicians to objectively assess the parameters influencing smile aesthetics and take corrective measures, as required.

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