Appendiceal Intussusceptions in a 5-Year-Old Boy

Author(s): Salih Grajçevci, Hysni Jashari, Murat Berisha, Guri Hyseni, Masum Rahman, Ina Kola, Ali Guy, Fjolla Hyseni, Anisa Cobo, Juna Musa

Appendiceal intussusception (AI) is a rare condition with an incidence of approximately 0.01%. It is usually intraoperatively diagnosed in patients with suspected acute appendicitis and characterized by an invagination of the appendix into the cecum to various degrees. The treatment is surgical reduction of the appendix and appendectomy; however since symptoms are not specific, clinical diagnosis is challenging and frequently only made during surgery. We present the case of a 5- year-old boy who presented with a three day history of right lower quadrant pain. Abdominal ultrasound of this region showed a tubular structure of an 8mm in diameter. During laparotomy, an intussuscepted appendix with 1/3 of its base invaginated into the cecum was confirmed.

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