Aneurysm of the Artery of Adamkiewicz: A Systematic Review and Descriptive Analysis

Author(s): Tyfur Rahman, Masum Rahman, Mohammad Dilwar Hossain, Cecile Riviere-cazaux, Asraful Islam, Md Nahid Hasan, Sajedur Rahman, Md Manjurul Islam Shourav, Md Fayad Hasan, Ram Saha, Abdur Rahman, Abu Bak

Aneurysms originating from the Artery of Adamkiewicz are incredibly uncommon, with very few reported cases in the current literature. Here, we perform a systematic review of the few cases available in the literature, yielding a total of 15 eligible patients. We extracted certain procedural information and outcomes from these patients, including how this Artery of Adamkiewicz aneurysm was treated and outcomes from this surgery. We find that a slight majority of patients are treated surgically and that there is some improvement in regard to complete recovery for patients who have been surgically managed. Although there is insufficient evidence to make any definitive conclusions about treatments for this rare aneurysm, this information remains exciting and relevant for patients who may present with this and for whom surgical versus conservative treatment options may not be a clear decision. We hope that this will provide more information on how this unique finding has been treated based on the current literature and that this will help to guide patient care in rare cases such as these aneurysms.

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