Analysis of Therapeutic Efficacy of Clinically Applied Varnish

Author(s): Dobrinka M. Damyanova, Radosveta Andreeva-Borisova

Purpose: Our study aims to evaluate and analyze the effect of a mineralizing varnish on the progression of the initial caries of the enamel in the primary dentition.

Materials and methods: Subject of observation - there are 200 children from the city of Varna, aged 3 to 6 years, distributed equally in standardized age groups, with the same number of boys and girls. Dental caries diagnosed with d1 and d2. Units of observation: Children with high caries risk of development: A group of 100 children treated with mineralizing varnish CV; Control group of 100 children. Carious teeth with threshold d1, d2 lesions. Carious surfaces with d1, d2 lesions. After processing the results and determining the highlights, the actual study was performed by processing the data with a mathematical-statistical processing package SPSS v 20.0.

Results: The results of the comparative analysis of the therapeutic efficacy of the mineralizing varnish used-Clinpro White Varnish showed a significant difference in the percentage of effectiveness (t=- 3.68, p<0.001). Clinpro White Varnish showed better results after the application (64.58%).

Conclusion: The use of these medications may be beneficial for patients with dental caries of primary teeth from 3 to 6 years of age.

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