Analysis of Proximate Compositions and Physiochemical Properties of Some Yoghurt Samples from Maseru, Lesotho

Author(s): Kemelo Sanett Matela, Manoharan Karuppiah Pillai, Puleng Matebesi-Ranthimo, Moeketsi Ntakatsane

A total of nine commercially available yoghurt samples were purchased from Maseru, the Kingdom of Lesotho and were analysed for their proximate compositions such as protein, fat, crude fibre, ash, moisture and carbohydrate. Additionally, physiochemical properties such as percentages of total solids, solids non-fat (SNF) and gross energy content of all nine samples were also analysed. The percentages of protein content, fat content, crude fibre, ash content, moisture content and the carbohydrate content of samples were found to be 1.95-2.70, 1.49-3.50, 0.00-0.08, 0.28-0.95, 76.08-80.07 and 13.65-19.20%, respectively. The total solids and the SNF of the samples were found to be 19.93-23.56 and 6.85-21.68%, respectively. The gross energy content of samples was found to be 85.00-104.75 Kcal/100g. Our study showed that the compositions of all samples were significantly different (p<0.05).

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