An Integrated Healthcare Model for Hospital Staff during the Pandemic

Author(s): Kimiya Amjadi, MD*

Surgeons and healthcare workers on the frontline have especially been hit hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing increased stress, anxiety, fatigue, grief, and job burnout. The rates of suicide are on the rise and in general, mental health has become an important issue for the medical workforce and innovative care solutions are particularly needed in order to address this growing psychological burden. Integrative collaborations can be utilized to benefit hospitals and their employees across the globe. The proposed model of integrated care will demonstrate how combining safe, non-invasive, research proven mind-body techniques, and collaboration with other disciplines and resources could potentially be used to improve the health benefits for both patients as well as their providers during extremely stressful situations. This integrative model is about changing the practical standard that currently exists for our healthcare workers in order to decrease their burnout and stress and is an excellent example for physician practices, hospitals, and health care facilities to follow globally. It provides a thriving system based on a healing environment focused on meeting the mental health needs of the staff, thus maximizing the value of the delivered care to their patients.

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