An Insight into The Streptococcus Agalactiae-Associated Stillbirth and the Potential of Probiotics as An Alternative Therapeutic Approach

Author(s): Shaoni Ghosh, Amrita Samanta, Satyasundar Pradhan, Subhas Chandra Jana

The large number of stillbirths caused by streptococcus agalactiae globally is a matter of great public health concern, particularly in areas that have poorly developed healthcare systems. This article examines the condition of stillbirth associated with Streptococcus agalactiae. It addresses therapeutic possibilities, microbiological features, treatment issues, and epidemiological data. The review underpins the necessity for new therapies considering antibiotic resistance and probes into bacteriocins derived from vaginal microbiota. Clinical data support their ability to reduce GBS colonization and arrest vertical transmission. Therefore, more research and clinical trials are needed to validate and maximize bacteriocin use. Collaboration across countries is essential if this innovative therapeutic approach is to be implemented widely for improved maternal and neonatal health outcomes.

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