An Automated Method for the Assessment of Memory and Learning in Larval Zebrafish

Author(s): Mark Widder, Chance Carbaugh, William van der Schalie, Yuanzhang Li, Monica Martin, Brandon Pybus, Patricia Lee, Charlotte Lanteri

Zebrafish have shown value in translational research for many human diseases, including neuropsychiatric disorders and cognitive dysfunction, with low cost and rapid testing facilitating drug screening and discovery. However, some endpoints, such as associative learning and long-term memory, have relied historically on manual data tracking that slows data acquisition and increases costs. We automated an associative learning/longterm memory test developed by Hinz et al. [1] using a Noldus DanioVision system and EthoVision software to enhance assay throughput and utility for monitoring learning and memory behavior through automated tracking of location and movement of individual fish.

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