Acute Obstructive Anural after an Allograft Kidney Biopsy: An Unusual Complication

Author(s): Rida Touab, Youness Khdach, Mohammed R Andaloussi, Larbi Hamdoune, Abderrahmene Elwali, Mustapha Bensghir

Introduction: The hemorrhagic complications after percutaneous kidney biopsy are known, and patients are informed below procedure. In our observation, we describe an unusual evolution of hematuria post allograft kidney biopsy.

Case report: 45-year-old patient, hospitalized for acute renal failure. He had a history of left renal allograft. Kideney biopsy was formed in order to find an etiology, complicated by hematuria and bladder hematoma. The last one had causing an obstructive anuria with worsening in the kidney function. A success endoscopic resection of hematoma was performed following by favorable evolution.

Conclusion: We describe a therapeutic option for bladder hematoma secondary to kidney biopsy.

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