ABO Blood Groups Associated with Aggression Personality Trait

Author(s): Donna K Hobgood

An intrigueing and fruitful way of looking at human behavior is not just the psychological but also the physiologic and genetic approach. The autonomic nervous system carrying impulses from the central nervous system may be a basic part of this endeavor. Research on personality trait genetics is ongoing. Many researchers have seen some advantage to exploring the ABO gene in this connection since this gene was the first one known and has much antecedent work to draw on. Previous findings include such traits as tender-mindedness and persistence associated with ABO A blood type.A data collection in an OBGYN office practice yielded a hypothesis that ABO A gene may be associated with Aggression trait. Based on Karen Horney’s writings where she posited that human attitudes can be shown to reflect efforts to move toward others, against others or away from others, Benis’s NPA online personality test was offered to patients in an OBGYN office as a way to better understand personality, behavior and medical status. All 4028 patients were offered the test, and of 1228 patients who took the test, 369 had ABO blood type available from a pregnancy on record.The conclusion that ABO A correlates with personality features related to autonomic nervous system correlates is based on that data collection as well as on a clinical impression that ABO A seems more correlated with evidence of sympathetic nervous system dominance in behavior, i.e. more “fight or flight” baseline anxiety and excitability, ABO A plus AB reflecting ABO A gene appear to show higher Aggression trait than ABO O plus B. And the test data does support the hypothesis that higher Aggression trait and thus sympathetic nervous system effects are more prevalent in ABO A gene carriers. Previous research on ABO A and personality is consistent with this as well although no consensus has been reached. The finding of ABO A gene associated with Aggression trait from sympathe

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