A Simple and Effective Method to Treat Perigraft Seroma: A Case Report

Author(s): Chai-Hock Chua M.D, Ming-Jen Lu M.D

Background: Perigraft seroma following creation of arteriovenous graft is uncommon but relatively difficult to solve. Progression of seroma not even will cause problem in graft puncture but sometimes will eventually result in failure of graft function or even infection. There are many different methods for the treatment of seroma, including serial aspiration, incision and drainage or graft replacement. Most of these methods are complicated and sometimes, the results are uncertain.

Case Report: We report a case of perigraft seroma found over left forearm arteriovenous loop graft. It has been observed for over one month and no resolution is noted. We used the outer fibrous pseudocapsule to wrap around the weeping graft to create a high pressure container to prevent further active transudation of serum-like fluid.

Conclusions: This case show the feasibility of using pseudocapsule to fully cover the graft to prevent progression of seroma. The result is good and less recurrence rate is noted. This technique is considered a simple, effective solution to treat perigraft seroma and finally preserve the function of graft for dialysis.

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