A New Diagnosis in Psychiatry, the Acute Organic Change of Character (AOCC). This is One Case Report and Description, of which there are Several in Hospitals Worldwide

Author(s): Cristina Ortigosa Silva, Luis Pintor

Objective: The concept of organic mental disorder is a complex set of cognitive, emotional and behavioural disorders. There are syndromes in which the impairment of the highest cognitive functions is constant and outstanding, and there are other syndromes in which accessory symptoms predominate (perception, thought, mood and personality). We consider that, although this last group of disorders is less prevalent, the vast majority of these syndromes are misdiagnosed. Our aim is to propose a new denomination to gain specificity and rigor in the characterization of this clinical condition. We introduce the Acute Organic Character Change (AOCC).

 Methods: A case report from our clinical experience at the Consultation and Liaison Psychiatry in the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. A review looking for the current state of psychiatric diagnosis related to organic mental disorders and a discussion focusing on whether or not adding a new diagnosis may be useful.

 Results: The AOCC evidences the close interrelationship that exist between biological aspects and complex behaviours and attitudes that are called "personality”.

Conclusion: By introducing this diagnosis we will bring conceptual clarity to our current classification allowing us to apply a more rigorous diagnosis and, most importantly, a therapeutic approach to these states.

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