A Case of Spontaneous Halt during Ejaculation in a Juvenile Genius Mathematician with Asperger Syndrome and Bilateral Keratoconus

Author(s): Hisataka Fujimoto, Junichi Kiryu

Purpose: We report a case of spontaneous halt during ejaculation in a juvenile genius mathematician with Asperger syndrome and bilateral keratoconus. Twenty years later, the patient is currently a professor of mathematics.

Observations: As a virgin in high school and university, the patient could stop his ejaculation spontaneously during orgasm while watching pornography. He was diagnosed with middle-stage Asperger’s syndrome. He also had a history of pneumothorax at 22 years of age. He was referred to the ophthalmology clinic for bilateral blurred vision and was diagnosed with mild bilateral keratoconus. A bilateral set of hard contact lenses was prescribed, which resulted in normal corrected visual acuity. He is currently a prominent educational specialist and professor of mathematics in the field of algebraic geometry at a Japanese university.

Conclusion and Importance: In this case, the spontaneous halt during ejaculation might have been accompanied by then bilateral keratoconus, which might have corresponded to collagen instability considering his history of pneumothorax.

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